Guide to Sign fixings, Sign Supports & Wall Mounts

Guide to Sign fixings, Sign Supports & Wall Mounts

A Guide to Sign Standoffs, Sign Supports, Wall Mounts &' Sign Fixings. Whatever you call them, iSpi Trade is here to guide you.

Within the signage and display sector, we've heard many an argument about the name of those clever little things we use to fix and project signs off from the wall. Wall mounts, sign fixings, sign standoffs or sign supports, whatever your preference, the great thing is, there are lots of choice of shapes, sizes, wall projections, colours and finishes.

Traditional family-business values and an unrivalled knowledge of the sign fitting industry are the driving forces behind I-Spi Trade, which is celebrating it's 20 years (2017) in the business.

For over 20 years, iSpi Trade has been the 'Trusted Support Partner to The Sign Industry', providing advice across a wide range of trade sign supplies and products. We've been involved in many projects where our customers have created stunning signs and displays using sign fixings. It's also been very exciting to see customers looking at innovative ways of using the products. Mixing various sign standoffs; aluminium, satin and chrome finishes, with varied projections and colours, brought together to create a stand-alone display.

" No matter what way you wish to use the product, our range of finishes and colour options will help to complement your sign project. Let's explore some of these options across our range."

One project sees this used to great effect within the backdrop of a hotel reception area. A map, showing their locations all made from a collection of sign fixings and creatively lit with LED to bring something of real interest and a talking point for visitors.

Aluminium Sign Standoffs

These are a very popular choice with our customers. High quality, low-cost aluminium standoff fixings available in a range of sizes and projections. Although satin and gloss aluminium sign fixings remain our most ordered products, we still see high levels of orders for the other options within the range of colour variations; black, white, red, green and blue. These fixings suitable for a wide range of uses, work well with a variety of materials including di-bond and forex, acrylic, metal, wood and glass.

Creating a stylish finish for any sign or display, they are a very cost-effective way of adding value and a finishing touch to your product. By using varying projections, you can add depth and differing levels for a collection of signs, delivering something that grabs attention for marketing messages. You can view our wide range of aluminium sign fixings, including box quantity options, which allow you to save up to 30%.

Aluminium standoffs

Below you will see some of the products in our range of fixings, click the links below to be directed to the individual products:

Lockable Sign Fixings

These fixings offer an added level of security to your sign. Often used in areas like schools, pubs, sports centres and community areas, where the risk of theft or tampering is a concern. Using Lockable Sign Fixings also means that with the sign fixed securely to the wall, there is less concern for accidents and offers added safety. At iSpi Trade we offer this product in two variations, a 13mm and 18mm diameter, with both options supplied in 20mm lengths. Internal or external signs, lockable sign fixings offer great solutions to mount and protect your product.

lockable sign fixings

LED Sign Fixings - Signalite

If you're looking for that added wow factor to your display, our LED sign standoffs are an exciting way to create something that will be noticed anywhere. When you need a solution to a dimly lit environment, night clubs, for instance, this product is a great way to naturally fit your sign to the environment whilst ensuring it's noticed. A fantastic product for wayfinding or as a way to drive marketing messages and grab audience attention.

LED lighting has come a long way in recent years and as an energy-saving solution and low maintenance product, it's one that many signage installers throughout the UK are turning to. They need to be connected to the electrical supply, which also means they can be used as part of the emergency lighting system.

Signalite illuminated

Ultra-High Bond, Double-Sided Permanent Tape

Let's just say it's got the strength to what you need it to. Ultra-High Bond double-sided permanent tape sign fixing solution is used both internally and externally and is often found within road and wayfinding signage due to its robust way of dealing with harsh weather conditions. Supplied in either 10mm or 20mm widths and sold in 33-metre rolls, this can be used when visible fixings may not be an option. A clean, sharp finish to your display can be achieved with the product, all hidden but keeping your sign secure and safe.

Ultra High Bond Tape

Screw Covers

At times, and sometimes due to material or where a sign is being applied to, our customers prefer to use standard screws to apply the signage. In this case, our fixing screw covers provide an excellent way to then hide any unsightly screw heads, which may rust and decay. These products are available in various colours and finishes, including gold, chrome, satin and chrome and black aluminium. A wide range of diameter head sizes is also available.

Screw Covers

Explore our webshop and if you require any help or assistance with your choice of products, and please get in touch using our contact page if you require any help.