iSpi Trade Sign Trade FAQs

We have selected the most frequently asked questions we get asked about sign trade supplies. As the UK's premier supplier of sign fixings and led window displays we always want to make your shopping experience as informative and easy as possible. If you have any additional questions, please get in touch.

Sign Fixings FAQs

What are sign standoffs, and how do they work?

Sign fixings or sign standoffs are used with screws when attaching signage onto walls. They allow the sign to "stand-off" from the wall, which adds to the visual appeal. Fixings come in two-parts. The screw is inserted into the through-hole of the central part of the sign standoff, and this is attached to the wall. Once all fixings are in place, the predrilled sign is placed over the fixings and the second part threaded section is screwed in to hold the signage in place. Explore our case studies to discover how adaptable standoffs are for signage projects.

acrylic sign attached using sign fixings

What sizes of sign locators are available?

iSpi Trade supply a wide range of sizes in our solid brass and aluminium flathead fixings. Sizes from 13mm x 13mm and up to 40mm x 75mm. The sizing chart below helps explain variations and will help choose the right sign locator.

Sign fixing size guide

What can you use standoffs for?

There are a wide and varied range of applications which wall standoffs are suitable for including:

  • glass fixings - balustrades and glass frames and posters
  • frame fixings - for display posters and wayfinding signage
  • picture wall fixings - ideal for frameless acrylic or glass poster mounting
  • shop sign fixings - great for shop posters, house nameplates and company names plates
  • glass tabletop fixings and reception counters, upselling and designers

What are the main types of signage fixings?

There are a wide range of products, which are suitable for different uses and locations. These include solid brass sign standoffs which are available in varying sizes and finishes and aluminium flathead, again available in a range of sizes and a wide range of colours to add that modern touch. iSpi Trade also stock double panel fixings, stainless steel standoffs, lockable sign locators and "Signalite" LED fixings, which when connected to a mains power supply offer illumination of the signage.

Can I use sign standoffs outdoors?

Yes, all signage fixings can be used outdoors, but some are more suitable for outside use. Some finishes may tarnish and fade over time, so carefully choose before you order. 316 Marine grade stainless steel fixings are ideal for exposed locations or close to the sea. In general, all sign fixing will perform well outdoors.

Are there lockable fixings?

iSpi Trade sells lockable fixings, which are ideal for added security. You might ask why does a sign need to lock? It can be necessary for safety notices or in schools to stop anyone tampering with the system. You can see lockable fixings used for signs for well-known brands to stop people stealing for collections. You can view and buy our lockable fixings here.

LED Window Kit FAQs

What are LED window pockets?

LED window pockets are illuminated cable display systems for shop and office windows. They are particularly important for estate agents and letting agents to display homes for sale or let in the shop or office windows. The illuminated LED frame allow the schedules to be viewed after dark. This is important during the long winter nights, with the warm glow inviting passersby to stop and look at the window. Read our latest estate agents case study to find out the benefits of illuminated window displays.

Why buy LED window displays over non LED cable or rod systems?

For use on high street shops or offices, LED window displays have a better impact over non led systems. Our led display kits are all double sided which means the posters can be viewed inside as well as outside.They use LED light source, which means you do not need to leave on internal lighting over night for security or to try and illuminate your window. In a recent estate agents case study we demonstrate the difference between LED window displays and older non led systems.

How easy are hanging LED Displays to fit?

iSpi Trade hanging LED kits are easy to install and are supplied with all the part required. The power cables are connected to the led panels, so there is less time involved to install your kit. We supply the floor and ceiling connectors, and all kits come with a transformer plug. If you are unsure of any part of the installation process, please consult a qualified electrician. You can download our helpful window display installation guide.

What sizes of backlit Window Display kits are available?

iSpi Trade sells a range of different sizes of backlit window display kits. These range from A4 LED kits (297mm x 210mm), to A3 LED kits (420mm x 297mm) and A2 LED kits (594mm x 420mm) sizes. These are all available in landscape or portrait options to suit your needs. We can even supply a mixed size and orientation kits, which are bespoke to your window size and requirements. Please contact us via webchat or phone to discuss bespoke kits.

Can I use illuminated window displays in any shop or office?

Yes, illuminated window displays are suitable for all shops and office windows. We have seen a huge increase in demand from all high street retailers, including Travel Agents, Hairdressers, Nail Bars and Restaurants. All these retailers and more can benefit from illuminated windows to promote everything from holiday deals to the latest hairstyles. Read our recent COOP Travel Agents LED window pocket case study to discover how your business could benefit from new illuminated window pocket kits.

Cable and Rod FAQs

What are cable and rod display systems?

Cable and rod display systems are versatile kits which allow for highly flexible display uses. Ranging from displaying company certification in the reception or for use in shops and office windows.

How do I fit cable and rod systems?

These highly flexible tension systems can be fitted on a range of surfaces, including floor to ceiling,  wall to wall and wall to floor. There is a wide range of fitting bracket, fixed or flexible allowing for angling up to 90 degrees.

How are cable and rod systems used?

You can buy the basic floor to ceiling/wall/floor kit and fully customise your display by adding shelving supports and clamps which will allow for highly effective shop merchandise displays or for holding acrylic poster pockets.

Retail display using cable systemclose up of cable system with shelf and support

Screw Cover FAQs

What are 2 part screw covers?

Our high quality 2 part screw covers are used for covering screw heads on sign plaque installations. They create a finished look and cover unsightly screws, and help reduce wear and corrosion.

What kind of projects can screw covers be used for?

These are perfect for use with exterior and interior flat panel installations. The screw fits through the collar of the screw cover, once the sign is screwed in place the cover is threaded on to add that finishing touch. They are also ideal for mirror installations.

What sizes of screw covers are available?

Our 2-part brass screw covers are available in up to 4 size options, with prices starting at a low 60p. You can save money when you buy bulk boxes.

What type of screws can you use with Screw Covers?

Screw covers can be used with M6 countersunk screws.

Our 2-part brass screw covers are available in up to 4 size options, with prices starting at a low 60p. You can save money when you buy bulk boxes.

What are Gripple Fixings?

A Gripple fixing is a brand-specific product used in building, construction, and agriculture for joining and tensioning wire. Gripple products are notable for their innovative design, allowing for quick and easy installation without the need for specialized tools. The basic principle involves a small, self-locking device through which wires can be threaded and then tensioned. This system eliminates the need for traditional methods like knotting or using wire twisting tools, thereby saving time and labor.

Gripples are used in a wide range of applications, such as securing fencing, trellising in vineyards and orchards, and supporting cables in architectural and industrial projects. Their versatility and ease of use have made them popular in various fields where wire tensioning is required.

In the context of shop fitting, Gripple fixings can be used for a variety of purposes, leveraging their ease of use and versatility. Here are some ways Gripple fixings might be applied in shop fitting:

Suspended Displays: Gripple fixings are ideal for creating suspended displays or signs. Their ability to easily adjust tension and height makes them perfect for hanging elements from the ceiling, ensuring they are level and securely positioned.

Lighting Systems: For hanging and adjusting lighting fixtures, Gripple fixings offer a neat and efficient solution. They allow for quick adjustments and repositioning of lights, which is particularly useful in retail environments where displays may change frequently.

Cable Management: In shop fitting, managing the myriad cables for lighting, displays, and other electrical equipment can be challenging. Gripple fixings can be used to neatly suspend and route these cables, reducing clutter and enhancing safety.

Shelving Supports: Although not their most common use, Gripple fixings could potentially be used to support lightweight shelving or other hanging storage solutions, especially in situations where traditional mounting methods are not feasible.

Decorative Elements: For hanging decorative elements such as plants, artwork, or other design features, Gripple fixings provide an aesthetically pleasing and practical method.

The key advantages of using Gripple fixings in shop fitting include their ease of installation and adjustment, the clean and minimal visual impact, and the strength and security of the support they offer. However, it's important to ensure that the chosen Gripple product is suitable for the weight and type of item being suspended, as they come in various sizes and strength ratings.