Rod Display System

From floor to ceiling Rod Display Systems

Rod displays can be connected from floor to ceiling or to walls, this will allow you to display posters, cards, company certification and are perfect for shared offices where you can display multiple company names in a professional display system.

iSpi Trade has all the parts you need to create a bespoke rod display for internal walls or even for retail window displays. These adaptable systems are the perfect solution for every area of your business. Suitable for hotels or office buildings where they can be used for signage and are especially good for conference rooms as the acrylic pockets allow you to change the graphic content.

If you are wondering how do you configure your rod display system or if you are unsure of which parts to buy then why not click our web chat or contact us by phone or email. Our Customer Support Team will be more than happy to help. Explore our products and select the individual elements to create your finished rod display system.

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