Retail display products at low trade prices

Retail display products at low trade prices

iSpi Trade is well-known within the UK sign trade and shopfitting sectors for supplying high quality, low-cost products. But it's not just about providing the right product at the right prices. It's about knowledge and expertise.

We have supplied specialist displays and shopfitting products and accessories for many years, and we are continually improving and enhancing our range to match our customers' needs.

As a trusted support partner to the shopfitting, interior design and retail display sectors iSpi Trade can support and supply products which enhance your finished project.

LED Window Displays Helping your customers to make a feature of premium products

LED display units are becoming the norm for estate agents, bringing some illumination to the high street. Our flexible LED window display kits offer a wide range of options which can be tailored to individual requirements.

One of our most common configurations is a central A2 LED panel surrounded by a mixture of A3 and A4 displays which are wired and supplied by iSpi Trade in the right orientation and sizes the fit your customers' window. All the LED display pockets we provide are double sided making them visible from inside, as well as out.

Using LED kits for interior display

Low mood lighting is commonplace in many retail units, our ceiling to floor LED retail displays can help draw customers to products and information. Their flexibility means they can be fitted in a wide range of areas throughout the store. They can be used in conjunction with cable and rod systems to create a unique display which could include shelving.

Retail cable display systems offering support and creativity

Our most popular product for shopfitters and retail display design are cable displays. They provide a durable, stylish, but minimalist look which is suitable for all types of retail shops. You will see from the image below they are sturdy enough to support shoes and bags and can be fitted with a range of shelving options.

Cable kits are very flexible when it comes to how they are fitted - either floor to ceiling or wall to wall offering that flexibility you need. We supply kits and parts to match your requirements, and we are always happy to help you find the right solution.

Adding a perfect finish to signage and more

Our core product has always been sign-fixings. They are cost-effective, hardwearing and come in a wide range of sizes and finishes. Our range of aluminium sign fixings standoffs also come in a variety of colour options which ideal for retail display ideas, we have even seen them used to support a glass tabletop and pay desks.

Our Brass sign fixings are commonly used for exterior shop and office plaques and internally throughout stores and office blocks for wayfinding signage. The uses for standoff sign fixings are endless and only limited by imagination. The image below shows them used to significant effect behind a hotel reception desk to create a map showing terrain by the use of differently sized fixings.

A wide range of products at low trade prices

We have just touched the surface of the range of products available, why not explore yourself and see what you can find for your next retail or shopfitting project.