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Sign Trade Supplies FAQs

Sign Trade Supplies FAQs

iSpi Trade, The UK's Premier online shop for Sign Trade Supplies answers your questions
With over 20 years' experience in the sign industry, iSpi Trade is the foremost sign trade supplies partner. Initially starting out as a sign installation company, we changed from buyer and installer to supplier and knowledge base for the sign trade. We understand our buyers, and the supplies you need. We have the experience to support you when you need it.

We know that finding high-quality products at low trade prices can take time, but you don't need to look anywhere else, as we constantly monitor our prices against our competitors, giving you the confidence to shop at iSpi Trade.

Our product range covers a wide selection of Sign Fixings from as little as 50p, and Standoffs for indoor and outdoor use, lockable, LED Sign Fixings and Sign Mounting Tape. We also supply Screw Covers, Sign Clamps, plus a range of supports and connectors. In other words, a comprehensive selection of products to compliment your project.

If you are looking for LED Window Displays for Estate Agents and Retail Shops, then we are the UK's number one choice. Our trade partners continually benefit from our competitive pricing structure. With prices slashed on all our LED Window Display Kits - starting from just £60, it's never been a better time to buy quality products at 'The Real Trade Price'.

If you have a Shop-fitting business or design and install Retail Displays, we have the products for you. Low-cost Cable Display Systems and Rod Systems are perfect for a wide range of shelving and display ideas.

We have tried to help our customers visualize our products in-use, so most of our webshop overview and product pages have images demonstrating how our products can be used. We hope this helps to inspire your next project.

Sign Trade Supplies Q&A

We receive a number of questions about Sign Supplies on a daily basis, either by email, phone (0845 241 2467) or now via our live webchat available at where we can answer your sign trade supplies queries before you buy, using our secure online shop.

Below we have listed some of the most common questions we receive, and we hope the answers will take some of the guesswork out of buying our products. But remember you can always get in touch with any queries you may have, our advisers are always happy to assist.


What material are your Standard Sign Fixings made from?
These are manufactured in brass and then coated in either satin, chrome or gold finish. Prices start as low as £1.20.

Can Brass Sign Fixings be used externally?

Yes, as long as you are not close to the sea where there is salt in the air which causes corrosion. If you are using the Sign Fixings near the coast we would recommend our Marine Grade Sign Fixings.

Are your Standard Sign Fixings Stainless Steel?

No, they are made from solid brass - the satin chrome finish looks identical to stainless steel and they look every bit as good. We do also sell Stainless Steel fixings, which are available by clicking here.

What size hole do I drill when using Sign Fixings?

All fixings require a 10mm hole (thread 8mm).

How do I know what size of Sign Fixing Stand off to buy?

This depends on a number of factors, including:

Weight - A heavier signs may require a longer screw to be drilled deeper into the mounting surface (we would suggest up to 15kg).

How far you want the sign to project from the wall – this is purely a visual preference (projection sizes are indicated on each product item).

Can Aluminum sign fixings be used externally?

Yes, they can, however, we recommend these for indoor use as aluminium will not weather as well as brass or stainless. But given the wide range of colours available, our Aluminum Sign Fixings can really add to a sign's design and feel, just bear in mind that they might not keep their look for as long.

Screw Fixings


What are Screw Covers Used For?

When you use screws for signage or other installations, the visible head can look unsightly, and lead to unhappy customers. Using Screw Covers can add a great low-cost finishing touch.

What Range of Finishes is available for Screw Covers?

Our attractive Screw Covers are available in Gold, Satin Chrome, Chrome and Black, and in a variety of sizes.

What Do I get when I buy Screw Covers?

When you buy a Screw Cover you get a screw cover and a small brass threaded collar for securing the head, the screw goes through the collar and the cover is secured around the collar.

What type of screws can you use with Screw Covers?

These require an M6 countersunk screw

What material are Screw Covers made from?

Our Screw Covers are manufactured in brass and then coated in four finishing options:

Satin Chrome
Black (Black Screw Covers are made from coated aluminium).

Questions about Screw Covers


What voltage are LED Window Display Panels?

We supply 24V panels as we find the illumination is much better the 12V models some others supply.

What guarantee do you offer on LED Window Display Panels?

We offer a comprehensive 12-month guarantee on all of our products. We supply high-quality products, at low trade prices. You can buy from iSpi Trade with confidence. Shop our range here.

Are LED Window Display Panels easy to Install?

The Simple answer is yes – but we would suggest you have some electrical knowledge, be especially aware of your circuit load capacity (our LED Panel Kits are 24V). You don't have to have previous installation experience as all kits come with fitting instructions. All our LED Window Panel kits are prewired with a plug.

Q and A


How are your LED Sign Fixings Powered?

Our range of "Signalite" LED Sign Fixings are connected into the mains electrical supply. Each LED Fixings is supplied with cabling which will allow them to be connected to the nearest supply junction. Shop here for Signalite.