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Travel Agents Making Waves in Shopping Centre

Travel Agents Making Waves in Shopping Centre

Sunlounger Travel Group is an online and high-street travel agent with shops in Kings Lyn, Wisbech, and they recently opened a new store in The Centre:MK in Milton Keynes. iSpi Trade has been a longstanding partner, supplying LED window displays for all stores since 2019. Over the three stores, iSpi Trade has provided a total of 70 LED panels comprised of a mix of display sizes—A4, A2, and A1.

Creating a Visually Appealing Storefront

For their new store in The Centre:MK, Sunlounger Travel Group sought to create a visually compelling storefront that would captivate passersby, communicate their travel offerings effectively, and maintain brand consistency established in their other locations. They needed a dynamic display solution to showcase their holidays, promotions, and destinations engagingly while adhering to the Centre's visual display regulations.

Below are some images of the other Sunlounger shops in Wisbech and Kings Lyn. 

sunlounger shops

iSpi Trade's Solution

Understanding Sunlounger Travel Group's requirement for impactful LED window displays, iSpi Trade proposed a tailored solution that combined expertise in LED technology and a deep understanding of the client's promotional needs. Leveraging their extensive experience supplying LED window displays to various industries.

iSpi Trade discussed the window space available to maximise visibility and effectively convey the desired messages.

The shop entranceway has a wide open shutter, so there was less space for the proposed LED window displays. Together, we decided that four rows of A4 portrait LEDs would integrate seamlessly into the store's window, ensuring a sleek and professional appearance while optimising visibility inside and outside the store. The window displays would capture attention with dynamic content that showcased Sunlounger Travel Group's latest travel packages, destination highlights, and promotional offers.

Sunlounger LED Window Display at Centre MK supplied by iSpi Trade

Outcome & Impact

Implementing iSpi Trade's LED window displays at Sunlounger Travel Group's new store in The Centre Milton Keynes resulted in an immediate and positive impact. The vibrant and eye-catching displays attracted the attention of passersby, effectively drawing them into the store. The content showcased the breadth of travel services Sunlounger Travel Group offers, leading to increased foot traffic and heightened brand visibility within the shopping centre.

Moreover, the seamless integration of the LED window displays with the store's aesthetics consistently upheld the brand's image across all three locations. The client expressed satisfaction with the innovative displays' ability to engage customers and drive interest in their travel offerings.

Helping Drive Business Success

iSpi Trade's collaboration with Sunlounger Travel Group for the LED window displays at their new store in The Centre:MK Milton Keynes exemplifies the successful fusion of cutting-edge technology and design expertise to meet the client's objectives. By delivering a solution that captivates audiences and aligns with the client's branding, iSpi Trade reaffirmed its position as the premier LED Shop Window Displays supplier, consistently exceeding client expectations and driving business growth through innovative visual solutions.