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Adding Some Light To Your Local Coop Travel Agent

coop travel shop lincolnshire

There has been a resurgence in the independent high street travel agent over the last few years. The recent demise of some of the household names in the travel industry has led the way for the growth of independent travel network.

The Co-operative Wholesale Society first offered excursions to employees and their families in 1905. By 1920, CWS arranged its first overseas excursion and published its first-holiday guide.

LED Window Display Customer Background

Lincolnshire Coop Travel has a network of 14 shops from the Humber to the Wash and West towards the Midlands, with two branches in the cathedral City of Lincoln. With a population of over 1million, Lincolnshire is the ideal location for independent high street travel agents offering a wide range of UK and foreign destinations to the Populus.

Coop Travel has always been renowned for its customer service and friendly, knowledgeable staff, which as a part of the Cooperative society is very much community focussed. After the decision was taken to revamp the shop windows to allow more locally targeted offers, Paul Herring of Lincolnshire Coop Travel approached iSpi Trade.

LED Window Display Project

After our initial discussions and consultation with Paul, Regional Sales Manager, iSpi Trade helped configure the A4 LED window display illuminated kits. The double-sided kits were set in 2 rows of 4-panel variant to maximise the window space. The double-sided panels allow for the holiday offers to be viewed inside the shop as well as outside.

LED Window Project Outcome and End-User Feedback

One of the features of LED window displays is their backlit illumination which allows the holiday offers or travel currency rates to be highly visible even after dark. LED window posters are a great marketing opportunity, especially over the dark winter months. The importance of passing trade drawn to the warm light and the escape to the sun, which they offer is an excellent marketing opportunity. Paul Herring commented, "The project has been a great success it has given our windows a fresh new look."

Paul continued "We have large digital screens in the shops where we push relevant company-wide content to the shops. The LED window displays allow each shop to marketing their offers and promotions, which gives the managers some freedom to market to a local audience." 

Lincolnshire Coop Travel

Demographics show that from town-to-town the type of holidays and events which sell in Grimsby, for instance, may not be the same as what someone in Long Sutton finds of interest. Therefore the LED window displays play a key roll in helping each shop develop its individual personality.

"The individual branches really love the fact that they have been given back some freedom to advertise offers that are relevant to their market and not just the content we push to their digital screens." Paul Herring, Regional Sales Manager, Cooperative Travel.

The iSpi Trade Customer Partnership

As a business, we pride ourselves in our industry knowledge and expertise, from the moment we receive that first point of contact from a customer we work tirelessly to ensure they get the best customer experience possible. Best advice, high quality, and supplying the right product, which matches the customer's needs is our top priority. 

Our relationship with Paul Herring has proved very successful, and we are looking forward to working with Lincolnshire Cooperative Travel in the future. Paul's final comment on the project reflects this relationship: "We have been really pleased with the quality of the products we have used and the service from iSpi Trade has always been first-rate."

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