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Maximising your office windows as a marketing tool - Estate Agents Case Study

Maximising your office windows as a marketing tool - Estate Agents Case Study

Competition for market share for Estate Agents and Letting Agents has never been so high. The growth of online-only agencies has galvanised high-street agents to maximise their marketing resources and offer a more holistic service for their clients.

For Stephen Lane Estates, based in Canvey Island, offering a wide range of services to vendors, buyers, landlords, and tenants is key to their continued success. With over 30 years of combined experience in the local property market, combined with an enthusiastic team armed with passion and local knowledge, has made them one of the most trusted estates and letting agents in Essex.

Make your office windows work for your business

With a prominent location in one of Canvey Islands' main shopping streets, Stephen Lane Estate Agents provide a wide range of property services. From traditional property sales and lettings, they also offer conveyancing, surveys, mortgages, and property auction services. The office and the location are crucial to their continued success, with the owner - Stephen Lane deciding to invest in updating their LED window displays which showcase their sales and lets.

We spoke to Stephen Lane to ask him why he decided to change the current window displays and why he chose iSpi Trade.

Online Editor: Hi Stephen, can you tell us your reasons for revamping the office window poster displays?

Stephen Lane: We had added the window pocket display kits some years ago, but they weren't LED, so when it was dark, especially in the winter months, we really didn't benefit from passers-by taking an interest in the property sales and letting posters. We are right in the heart of the town centre with lots of shops, restaurants and pubs nearby, which means passing trade well into the evening.

[OE] Tell us a bit about your old displays?

[SL] We had installed five drops with only two A3 posters displays in each, so we could only promote up to ten properties or services at any one time. With over 50 properties for sale, plus lets and other services to promote, we didn't feel we were maximising the available window space. We offer several marketing packages, including promo window space, to help showcase the property. These are very popular, but limited spaces restrict their availability. This was frustrating for our clients and us.

Stephen Lane Estate Agents

[OE] How did you find iSpi Trade?

[SL] Well, the rather obvious answer is google!! (both laugh). I think I just searched Estate Agents LED window displays - we had decided LED was the best route after seeing other shops and offices in the town and how effective they were at night. Even during the day, they look great, bringing some additional light inside the office.

iSpi Trade was one of the first companies that came up, and the info on google made me click through for a look. All the products, sizes, and information were straightforward to understand. The sizing and pricing were very clear. I did look at some other suppliers, but I found iSpi Trade to be the most cost-effective and easy to understand what you were buying.

[OE] Did you have any contact iSpi Trade before you made your purchase?

[SL] Yes - I think I initially had a web chat, which was great, but I wanted to clarify the best configuration, and I spoke to Sean, one of the directors, who was very helpful. I gave him the dimensions of each window, and he worked out the best layout to maximise the space.

Stephen Lane Estate Agents with LED window displays by iSpi Trade

We went from having ten non-LED posters to 18 A3 double-sided LED window poster pockets across six drops, which has really made a difference to the number of properties we can promote.

iSpi Trade

"I found iSpi Trade to be one of the most helpful companies I have used for a long time. Very informative, and happy to answer all questions, even helping with solutions when I wasn't always sure what I needed myself." Stephen Lane, Stephen Lane Estate Agents

[OE] Would you recommend iSpi Trade for LED Window Display Kits?

[SL] I would not hesitate to recommend iSpi Trade for Estate Agent Window poster pockets. Our electrician easily installed the LED window displays with all fixings, cables and power supplies included with each kit.

LED window display pockets for estate agents

[OE] Stephen, Thank you for talking to us today, and we wish you many more years of successful Estate and Letting Services.

If you would like to learn more about Stephen Lane Estate Agents based in Canvey Island, Essex - visit