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Standoffs the most Adaptable Sign Fixing

Standoffs the most Adaptable Sign Fixing

As a sign design and installation business, we are sure you understand the many different ways you can attach signage. At iSpi Trade we stock and sell an enormous range of sign fixing products available for next day delivery.

Our range includes sign clamps, ultra-high bond tape, screw covers and a wide variation of standoff sign fixing options. We always comment in the office on how many variations there are in the terms our customers use to describe fixings - from hidden sign fixings, aluminium stand-off fixings, standoff edge fixing and projecting sign fixings.

One such client, Impact Sign Solutions based in Aylesbury called them barrel fixings when they placed a recent order. We always like feedback from our customers, and we talked to Impact Sign Solutions about the different type of jobs which required variants of sign standoffs.

Impact Sign Solutions are well-established sign installers, but to categorise them as merely a sign company does their range of services an injustice. From signs to branded garments and vehicle graphics, the vast majority of their products are designed and produced in-house by their passionate, dedicated team.

"We like to think we go the extra mile for our clients; if you are on a tight deadline – we will work to it, and if you think you have a problem that can’t be solved – we’ll do our best to find you the right solution!" Impact Sign Solutions.

Their customers range from private individuals and start-up businesses, through to large commercial companies, national and international repeat clients who come back time and time again.

iSpi Trade spoke to Andy at Impact Sign Solutions and asked him a few questions about the products we supply and how they are used by them, and what has been the feedback from the end-user.

Impact order a few different varieties of standoff fixings; what products were used and where?

We produce a lot of accreditation plaques that people can display in their reception area. Sign fixings are an ideal way of fixing these plaques to the wall.

They not only look good and add a quality finish to the plaque, but they are easy to fit, not only for our installers but for the end-user if they are fitting themselves.

What other sign installation projects do you use iSpi Trade sign fixings?

We use them for both internal and external signage, they are very adaptable and hard-wearing. The barrel fixings come in a variety of colours and finishes which make them versatile, our installer and customers find them ideal for signage.

As Andy said, projecting sign fittings are our number one selling product because they are so adaptable and create an excellent high-quality finish. As the UK's premier sign trade supplier, iSpi Trade recommends most variants of our range on a daily basis when we have enquiries from new and existing customers.

‘’Wow, I am so glad that I took the advice from Impact Sign Solutions, the finished internal signage looks so much better than if we had simply screwed it on flat to the wall. It really stands out and showcases the reason behind the plaque in a way we couldn't have envisaged.’’

Have you had any interesting or unusual projects where the use of sign fixings made a considerable difference to the finished project?

Yes, we were asked to quote for some graphics for a curved office reception counter. The customer wanted the company name and logo, plus their services to be displayed on the front.

They had received a few quotes and cost wasn't the main prerequisite, they wanted a highly professional finish which would reflect their business. We outlined our vision for the project when we submitted the quote and specified using a transparent acrylic substrate which would be printed on the reverse and attached to the counter using satin aluminium sign fixings. The barrel length would allow the acrylic to standoff from the counter, giving a sense of depth to the signage, and because it wasn't attached using high bond tape or another kind of permanent fixing it meant that it would be easy to remove or change the acrylic panels.

"Barrel fixings are easy to explain and describe, look great, and are easy to use, our customers love them, really, what else is there that can compete with this product? iSpi Trade supply great products, at a great price and they, are always in stock, you couldn't ask for better."

Well, we wouldn't contradict the above quote from Impact Sign Solutions! The Sign trade supply products we sell online are born out of our experience of the sign trade. When it comes to sign installation fittings and accessories, we are your trusted support partner.