Case Studies

Brown Brothers, putting staff safety first with desk clamp screens

Brown Brothers Foods Using iSpi Trade Desk Clamps

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone; businesses have had to adjust to the new normal. A continually evolving landscape of government advice, legislation and potentially a shift in customer base has seen companies implement every precaution necessary to allow them to continue to operate and keep staff not only safe but employed.

Keeping the food supply chain stocked

Brown Brothers Ltd, based in Kirkconnel, Dumfriesshire, family-run business since 1885 has introduced additional measures across their production sites and logistics business to protect the health and safety of employees and customers throughout the pandemic.

Brown Brothers Ltd produce an extensive range of high quality cooked, sliced and flavoured meats at their state-of-the-art, 120,000 sq ft bespoke factory which has been continuing to feed the UK during 2020.

Safety is always the number one priority

Social distancing guidelines have been implemented wherever possible, throughout their sites following guidance from the government and Food and Drink Scotland. But in office and canteens areas, this was more difficult to implement without additional protection measures.

iSp Trade has been supporting a wide range of businesses and sectors for many years, but as with most companies, this year has seen us offer products and support to an even broader customer base.

An adaptable sign trade supplies product range supporting UK business

As the pandemic developed, companies had to adapt to increase staff safety and continue production. The next stage saw many businesses reopen with additional safety measures in place. The iSpi Trade range included many products suitable for perspex and acrylic screens. Which enabled our off-the-shelf stock including Ceiling Hanging Units, Shelf Supports and Desk Mount Fixings were ideal for helping protect staff and customers.

Protective Screen solutions for Brown Brothers

Brown Brothers wanted to add sneeze protection screens in various parts of their production plant, including the staff canteen, reception and offices. Due to the nature of their work, most staff had to be onsite and able to communicate verbally.

iSpi Trade Acrylic Desk Clamps used by Brown Brothers Foods

After some additional questions, iSpi Trade recommended Easy Fit Desk Divider Clamps. We had recently added this product to our range in anticipation of the type of products we expected to be in demand. Over the years, we have always looked to add new items to our sign trade supplies range, and we continually source innovative and technologically advanced products to enhance our range.

Easy Fit Desk Divider Clamps

What made these the perfect solution for Brown Brothers was their adaptability:

  • They require no tools to fit them
  • They rotate, so can be used on the front of a desk or to divide between a desk
  • Will clamp an acrylic or glass panel between 3mm and 10mm
  • Can clamp to a desktop from 10mm to 40mm
  • Manufactured from long-lasting, brushed aluminium
  • Easy to remove and reposition
  • Cost-effective solution

Brown Brothers made an initial purchase of 20 units to trial in several locations to test their effectiveness. Reports from H&S and staff who felt these offered an adequate level of protection, allowing work and communication to continue without any issues.

ispi trade desk clamp used by brown brothers foods

After the success of the first 20 sets of easy fit desk clamps, an additional order was placed, taking the total quantity purchased to 200 units which Brown Brothers installed across their sites.

iSpi Trade received several images from Brown Brothers Ltd which demonstrate how versatile the desk clamps are, plus a testimonial as to their effectiveness in allowing the company to continue to produce essential foods during the pandemic.

"Brown Brothers had been looking at several options to help us to allow our staff to work safely during their working day. Most either required additional hardware or were much more expensive, and with around 100 areas requiring some degree of protection put in place, it would also have been time-consuming. The acrylic panels we sourced from a local company worked perfectly with desk clamps supplied by iSpi Trade, which were quick and easy to install."